• When registering a camper for any event, campers will not be considered registered until:

    • Camper information is completed​

    • Over the counter medication sheet is completed

    • Prescription medication worksheet is completed (if applicable)

    • Registration fee is paid

      • When looking at the camper portal page, if one of these things is not completed it will say enrolled by your campers name. Enrolled means you have started the process but not enough to save a spot for your camper. Once your campers status has changed to registered they will have a spot saved.

  • Roommate requests will be able to be made through the registration portal, just like on the paper form a maximum of two roommates may be requested by each child. We will do our best to make sure roommate requests are honored. 

  • There will be the ability for groups to register children and pay for them all from one account. There are a couple of ways we are looking at doing this right now, but it may happen with a registration code for the group that each parent will use when registering their camper. Then all of those campers fees can then be sent to the church together.

  • Camp Victory has partnered with a company called CampWise to set up our online registration portal for parents and campers. 

  • We do not have a release date for Summer Registration yet.

  • Before registration opens, we will send out an e-mail to everyone who we had an e-mail for so you can go into the system and set up your account (you will not be able to register for summer camp at that time).

  • For those who do not have an e-mail, we will set up a link on the website and post an announcement through our social media sites to allow you to do the same thing.​

  • Once we are ready for registrations to occur through the portal, we will let everyone know and post a link to summer camp registration, as well as registration for our spring retreats.

  • You will now be able to use a credit or debit card to pay for camp tuition, purchases in the camp store during drop off and pick up of campers, and put money on a campers account for use in the camp store or snack shop.

  • We will be posting helpful tips as we get closer to registration to help make the transition as easy as possible. 

  • If for some reason, you do not own a computer or a cell phone, you will still be able to send in a paper registration form. However, with the new system in place order of priority will no longer be the mail-in date. It will be whenever we receive your paper registration and enter it into the system.

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