Cowboy Steve

Ministering through cowboy-style evangelistic programs: His program is a unique blend of trick roping and bullwhip demonstrations as a means to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and illustrate Bible truths to young and old alike!

If you would be interested in having him come to speak for a special "Round-up" service, youth rally, Vacation Bible School program, Sunday School, assembly or other special meeting, please contact him at

Outdoor Education

This program is designed to teach all ages about our Creator through the natural beauty of the creation God has provided at Camp Victory.  Public schools, Christian schools and home school families may come for field trips, overnight retreats, etc. and participate in workshops that are geared to highlight a particular aspect of God's creation.  These groups join together in recreational activities, hands-on projects and service opportunities during their visits here.


One local school uses this program to give hands on experience learning survival techniques to go along with their study of the book My Side of the Mountain. For more information contact


CIT stands for camper-in-training, and it is a leadership training for high school students.  It is designed for those going into grades 10-12.  These students spend a week at the camp for Staff Training and then are scheduled to serve during our summer camp program.  During the school year, they are involved in a Bible correspondence course and, if possible, are scheduled to serve with us during weekend retreats.


To receive more information about the CIT program, click here to send us your name, mailing address, and current grade in school.


Our storyline has changed mediums and is now available as a podcast download. Please click here to find out how you can download these stories and listen at any time. 

CIT Program
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