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Spend Your Summer Enjoying His Creation

Welcome to Camp Victory!

We are so excited you are looking into becoming a part of Camp Victory. For more information click the about us tab or to get into contact with us click the button below.


    Camp Victory boasts a picturesque setting with a 7 acre lake, centrally located chapel and dining hall, and 16 cabins available for you! Bring your whole congregation, church board, Sunday School class, youth group, women's group, etc. For more information click the link below!


Children's Bible Ministries is committed to the fundamentals of the faith...

  • Scripture is inerrant.

  • Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, virgin born.

  • Man is totally unable to save himself.

  • Salvation comes through Christ's substitutionary blood atonement.

  • Jesus Christ rose bodily from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will return again.

  • Salvation is acquired by grace through faith, totally apart from any merit of man.

  • The Christian is kept by God's power, secure in Christ forever.

  • God the Holy Spirit is a person who regenerates, indwells, and seals all believers at the moment of their salvation.


Camp Victory has a ton of fun activities available including:


  • Giant Swing

  • Zipline

  • Swimming Pool

  • Riflery & Archery

  • Mini Golf

  • Boating

  • Basketball

  • Fishing

  • Indoor Climbing Wall

  • And Much More...

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 Get Involved




  Are you looking for a summer ministry?   We are looking for college/high school-age students who are committed to serving the Lord and reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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