Our History

In 1935 Mr. Walter Jensen, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, founded Children's Bible Mission in response to his burden to reach boys and girls with the gospel.  His method was to go into the public schools and teach God's Word, motivating the children to learn and memorize Scripture by offering as an incentive the opportunity to attend summer Bible camp.  That first year 47 children earned the privilege and 16 accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.  The work of CBM Ministries, as it later became known, quickly spread from Florida to Pennsylvania, reaching thousands of boys and girls through the public schools. 

The ministry of CBM in South Alabama began in 1942 when Miss Bea Ames and Mrs. Althea Hooker started a work in Dothan, Alabama.  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hedger joined in 1943.  Soon Miss Hope Wells joined Miss Ames in ministry.  For about 17 years, they would rent a camp to accommodate the children who were memorizing Bible verses. 


In 1952, Jonas and Ruth Miller moved from Pennsylvania to South Alabama.  They were sensing the Lord's direction to a ministry here.  Mr. Miller joined with CBM as a school visitor and soon saw the need for a camp.  He bought a farm in Hacoda, Alabama and offered land to CBM for a camp.  The CBM National Board of Directors accepted the offer of land and made Jonas the director of the Alabama Division with the responsibility of building a camp.  Many people prayed, worked and gave.  Mr. and Mrs. John Yoder were very helpful in developing the camp, and it was Mrs. Yoder who suggested they use the name Camp Victory. 


The Lord blessed all these efforts and Camp Victory opened on June 26, 1961.

Our Purpose

​Our purpose is to help young people know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, to help to equip them to grow in the Lord and to be effective members of their local churches.  The Bible is taught as the Word of God and the authority for faith and conduct.

Our Position

Children's Bible Ministries is committed to the fundamentals of the faith...

  • Scripture is inerrant.

  • Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, virgin born.

  • Man is totally unable to save himself.

  • Salvation comes through Christ's substitutionary blood atonement.

  • Jesus Christ rose bodily from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will return again.

  • Salvation is acquired by grace through faith, totally apart from any merit of man.

  • The Christian is kept by God's power, secure in Christ forever.

  • God the Holy Spirit is a person who regenerates, indwells, and seals all believers at the moment of their salvation.

Our Funding

CBM and Camp Victory are works of faith. 

This ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, not funded by any foundation or well-endowed resource, but rather donations from churches, families, and individuals. Scripture teaches us to share our personal financial needs with the Lord's people so that they too may participate in the rewards (Phil. 4:17). 


Donations are tax deductible and accepted for General Fund, Special Projects, and Family/Individual Missionary Support. 


There are several ways to participate by donating. Click the give tab at the top of the page to donate online. Send tax-deductible donations by making checks payable to CBM of South AL, Inc.  Each gift will be acknowledged with a receipt.

Mail to Camp Victory, 363 Victory Circle, Samson, AL 36477.