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Mailbox Club


What Is It?

Our Mailbox Club (MBC) is a Bible study program for children (starting in 2nd grade), teens, and adults done through the mail. The Bible study is completely free of charge and each set contains between 10-15 lessons. Once you have signed up for the MBC, we will mail the first lesson out to you. Complete that lesson and mail back the answer sheet, Camp Victory staff will grade your lesson and mail the next one to you. The purpose of the MBC is to help children, teens, and adults dive deeper into God's word. 

When Does MBC Start?

Registration for MBC opens August each year. However, the first lessons will not be sent out until sometime in September so please be patient. If you were a camper during the same calendar year you are trying to sign up for MBC lessons, you do not have to sign up because they will be sent to each camper automatically. However, if you have not received a lessons by October 1st and you were a camper please contact us by e-mail and let us know. 

MBC & Summer Camp

Upon satisfactory completion of a set of lessons,  children and teens can earn scholarship credit of $60 toward a week of summer camp at Camp Victory (valid the following summer).

MBC Deadlines and Dates

This is a voluntary program and therefore we ask that guardians and campers pay special attention to the following list below.
  • The enrollment period starts in August with the first lesson needing to be postmarked back to Camp by the 31st of January, and lesson courses must be completed by April 15th for scholarship credit
  • When you receive your first lesson you will also receive information that tells you how many lessons are in your unit for the year
  • Please do not assume you are finished with lessons until you have received your certificate of completion from Camp 
  • Please remember that all lessons must be completed by the April 15th deadline for scholarship to be awarded
  • There are over 1,000 students who take part in the MBC every year. We do our best to help keep students on track when finishing their lessons, however it is the responsibility of both the guardians and students to make sure they finish their lessons on time.
  • Lessons will not be sent in bulk, they are usually mailed out one or two lessons at a time. Please make sure you plan enough time to be able to complete the whole set of lessons
  • Lessons sets usually range from 10-15 lessons depending on the grade
  • It usually takes about 2 weeks from the time a lesson is sent to Camp till a new one will show up in your mailbox. If it has been longer than two weeks since you have received lessons please send us an e-mail and let us know. 

Sign up for Mailbox Club
Bible Lessons! 
Any lesson requests after January 31 will be mailed out in September.
Please note that campers must be turning 8 by September 1st of the year they plan to attend camp.

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